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The website, administrators, and management team respects the privacy of the users of this mobile site, including other media forms, media channels, mobile website or mobile application related or connected thereto. The following privacy policy is designed to inform you, as a user of this website, about the types of information that will be gathered or collected from you in connection with your use of this website. It is also intended to explain the conditions under which the website, administrators, and management team uses and discloses that information, and your rights in relation to that information. Each time you use this website the current version of this privacy policy will apply. Accordingly, each time you use this website you should check the date of this privacy policy and review any changes since the last time you used the website. By using or accessing this website, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy.


We will partner with selected third parties to allow tracking technology on this website, which will enable them to collect data about how you interact with the website and our services over time. This information will also be used to analyze, and track data related to the EHDI 1-3-6 guidelines.

Collection, use, and disclosure of Personally-Identifying Information

Website Registration

Personally-Identifying Information is information that can be directly associated with a specific person. This website may collect some personally-identifying information about users that the user provided when (1) registering on this website and (2) adding information about test date(s) of user’s children. Users of this website are under no obligation to provide this website with personally-identifying information of any kind. A user’s refusal to submit information for the EHDI 1-3-6 guided checklist may prevent the user from using certain website features.


We take the security of your personally-identify information seriously and use reasonable electronic, personal and physical measures to protect it from loss, theft, alteration or misuse. User’s email address will be encrypted and stored in a secure database. User passwords will be hashed using an algorithm and then stored in a secure database. However, please be advised that even the best security measures cannot fully eliminate all risks. We cannot guarantee that only authorized persons will view your information. We are not responsible for third-party circumvention of any privacy setting or security measures. We are dedicated to protecting all information on this website as is necessary. However, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of you personally-identifying information by keeping your password confidential. You should change your password immediately if you believe someone has gained unauthorized access to it or your account. If you lose control of your account, you should notify us immediately.

Terms and Use

Our recommendations do not supersede or replace recommendations provided by medical personnel. The content available via the website is provided with the understanding that the website does not render medical, counseling, legal, or other professional services or advice. Such content is intended solely as a general educational aid. It is not intended as medical or healthcare advice, or to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, for any individual problem. It is also not intended as a substitute for professional advice and services from a qualified healthcare provider familiar with your unique facts. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any medical condition and before starting any new treatment.


This website has the use of cookies and other tracking technologies to recognize individual users when they access services, remember user preferences, keep track of users’ access to and use of services, track whether our emails opened and whether links are clicked, ensure that services are functioning properly, analyze trends and to personalize services.


The website uses an automatic system to send email messages. If you wish to stop receiving emails from the website, simply reply, “I wish to stop receiving emails from this website.” Once your email address is removed from the website’s system, you will receive a final confirmation email and no further emails will be sent to you.

Comments and questions

If you have any further questions regarding services or use of the website, please contact the South Dakota Department of Health Newborn Hearing Screening Program at 605-773-3361. Additionally, any complications you have using the website please contact us.

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